Duane Harris Interview

Thanks Duane!

1:Can you tell me about yourself. Do you live in SF? What bands have you played guitar for?

Well my name is Duane Harris, I live in San Francisco in California. It's the greatest city in the greatest state in the USA. The first hardcore band that I played guitar for was SOME STILL BELIEVE (www.myspace.com/somestillbelieve ) which spawned many bands. It was fun and we did some cool shit but we were not very serious nor very good. After that I started ALLEGIANCE (www.myspace.com/allegiancesf) which at 1 point was 4/5 of the members of SOME STILL BELIEVE. I don't really need to explain ALLEGIANCE but I had some of the greatest times of my life with them guys. For period of time during ALLEGIANCE I was also playing with INTERNAL AFFAIRS. I played for a few tours and various west coast shows with them dudes. Actually at first I played bass but then guitar. I love those dudes to death, I had a lot of fun with them. I now have FOREIGN NATURE (www.foreignature.blogspot.com) rolling which I play guitar in also.

2:why Allegiance broke up?

Well we have been asked this more times than we can count and sometimes I look at the whole thing and I am not exactly sure how to answer. I mean I know why, but shit we could easily be still playing and tearing shit up still but hey it was a good point to go out as we were right where we had wanted to be and accomplished most of the stuff we set out to do. Basically, we played our first show April 2002 and played our last show February 2008. That is a couple months short of 7 years that we were band. That is a very long time for a hardcore band to be around without wearing out their welcome or becoming redundant and or irrelevant. We somehow always remained popular and somewhat fresh and I feel very lucky for that, but a band is a also a group of individuals and over a period of almost 7 years people change. What seemed very important to all of us back in the first couple years was not still important to everyone on the same level anymore. By the way I am not talking about Straight Edge. We started an edge band and finished a edge band. I guess all of us dudes in ALLEGIANCE just started to have different obligations in life (school, hobbies, relationships, jobs) and felt it was time to move on. Touring and even practicing was becoming so hard to do as a whole band and we could not do that either. I mean I will be truthful; some people in the band were making things very difficult to keep the band functioning (including myself at times) so relationships were straining and thats a bad sign. Nothing ever came easy for ALLEGIANCE and we were over difficulties and drama. We decided the band was becoming a burden and we ready to end it. I mean there are many more reasons I can get into but wont but we did what we wanted and decided it was time to retire the band. The last show was a fucking blast and I will remember it fondly until the day I die. It is a real shame we never got to go to Japan and Australia though, I REALLY wanted to do that.

3:tell me about your new band. how you guys started the new band. any upcoming shows, releases?

Well ALLEGIANCE broke up in February at Rivalry Fest and shortly before that happened I had already been starting to write and practice music with my new band FOREIGN NATURE (www.foreignature.blogspot.com) which has dudes from ALLEGIANCE, LIGHTS OUT, RIGHT ON, and SET IT STRAIGHT. Connor (the singer of LIGHTS OUT) and me are pretty much best friends and had wanted to start a band with each other for years and it was the perfect time to do so. In fact I wrote some of those songs/riffs years ago, like during "Overlooked" era ALLEGIANCE but we never got to get this shit rolling. I have so much fun with the new band and we get along great, we are all on the same page and very chill. I am stoked on the future with FOREIGN NATURE. We recorded our demo, which only 100 tapes were made so far and I think that's all we may make. The mp3s are on our blog site to download though. We just started writing for an EP, who knows when we will get that out. The new songs are gonna shred, im really exited for it. Maybe early fall is what we may look at for a release? Check our blog periodically for news on that and upcoming shows. Maybe we can make it to Japan 1 day!

4:tell me about SF. any good food stores,favorite places in SF?

San Francisco is, in my opinion the greatest city in America. I have a place in my heart for various places here in the USA, but at this point in my life I could not live anywhere else but SF. It is very progressive and open minded place which I love as I am a very liberal person. It is a very pretty city also with cool landmarks and touristy spots, some sweet parks, but still has the grime and character or a actual big city. There is def no place like it at all. It is also extremely vegetarian/vegan friendly which is also great for me. My favorite places to eat are in no order: Shangri-La (a great vegetarian asian restaurant), Herbivore(another vegetarian place), Beach Burrito (awesome Mexican food), YumYum House(asian), Naan-Curry(Indian). Shit I can go on and on, so much awesome and diverse food in this city.

5:what records/cds have you been listening to recently?

I listen to many types of music , but ill list some things I remember listening to in the last couple days:
CROWBAR- (discography on shuffle). I fucking love this band
DOWN- (I,II, and III) You cant miss with this shit.
DISFEAR – (live the storm) pure d-beat shredding with motorhead riffage
LIL WAYNE – (da drought 3) just getting ready for "tha carter III"
EMBRACE – (embrace) Perfect. Truthfully I listen to this more than MT these days.
OASIS- (the masterplan) great compilation cd by the greatest rock band on earth.
GODSPEED/MEMORIAL DAY – Post Turning Point bands that I have really started liking.
THROWDOWN (venom and tears) – I love this record and the pantera worship on it.
RISE AND FALL (clawing/into oblivion) – my favorite current hardcore band
BLACKLISTED (heavier than heaven) – great record by great band.
POVERTY BAY SAINTS (demo) awesome new band from seattle
ALPHA & OMEGA (demo) awesome new band from LA
RENEE HEARTFELT (LP) – one of my fav records to come out in the last decade.
ACEYALONE (accepted eclectic) – one of my fav hiphop records ever.
TIM BARRY (all) – I worship everything this dude does musically.

I am sure that's more than you need to know about my music tastes, but hey you should check out anything on that list that you may not have heard before.

6:Have you been to Tokyo,Japan? What do you know about Tokyo?

I unfortunately have NEVER been to Tokyo. I have always wanted to go and all my friends who have gone say it's so awesome. It definitely makes me jealous. There were plans of ALLEGIANCE going there before we broke up but that obviously never materialized. I sort of hope I can go there with FOREIGN NATURE though, I know I would have so much fun. I guess I do not know all that much except for what I have read about the city, photos I have seen and stories from friends! If we come out there at some point I would love to play with SKTR and MY LOVE and kick it with you guys!

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