Daiki,Alliance Trax interview


That's tough question for me! By the way I'm putting on Vans
especially Era or Authentic a lot more than any Nike for my daily
kicks right now summer 2008. I used to put on too much Nike past a
few years. So maybe got boring about Nike little bit. But they have
cool shits keep putting out. For example... reprint Air Huarache and
all the Safari pack are dope. I need to have all of them.
Vans looks really simple and thin more than Nike. It's good for cool
summer style. But Vans makes feet hurt but Nike keep feet comfortable
when we walk with them.So yeah, I can't choose either one.

2:Favorite kicks that you got

I love all the kicks that I have! It's no doubt. So it's hard to
pick up from them. But right now I like all the Vans Era and all the
Nike Air Max with mesh on it that I have.

3:Upcoming releases and AT tour

Yo, I think this should be separate with above funny kicks talking.
Well, Alliance Trax put out new Trash Talk CD called "Trash Talk" on
July 8th with some bonus materials. All the people who into hardcore
now or before, everyone should check them out. Totally amazing real
violence thrash HARDcore 2008.

Deathwish Japan just doing same things with Deathwish in US. So go
check out Deathwish website or Deathwish Japan myspace. Killing
The Dream and Cold World for summer 2008. That's it.

AT Tour keeping busy in 2008. 2 tour already booked which are
Betrayed Japan tour in June and Killing The Dream/ Ruiner/ Cleave
Japan tour in July. Also more tour coming up before the end of 2008.
Some people already knows it. Have Heart and Shipwreck coming
together here in September. That tour makes all the other countries
hardcore kids jealous so much. Some more tour planning after that
too. Keep eyes open for it.


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